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Booked our Fort Myers Beach, FL vacation. Had this booked 6 weeks before we were supposed to leave. We were supposed to check in 3/25/2017 and check out 4/1/2017. We had a beach house that was beachfront .5 miles from Times Square.

On 3/24/2017 we were pulling out of our driveway in Ohio to start our drive with our 3 children there. I just happen to check my emails. This was at 5:45 pm I see that at 1:20 pm I was sent an email from Vacation Rental Pros stating the house was not available and to please call the office before he (the man the email was from) left for the day at 4:00 pm. Well I didn't even see this email until almost 6pm and we were already headed there.

So I call ....They explained it was true.... our house was unavailable no explanation as to why? They got us changed over to another house that was still beachfront 1 mile from Times Square. I thought well accidents happen its okay we will work with them.

Well then we drive for 15 and 1/2 hours to the Florida Georgia line. My phone rings... it is Betsy from vacation rental pros on the other end. She says, "Laura I didn't want to have to call you.

However, the second house is not available either." I explain to her we are now at the Florida Georgia line and this is unacceptable we need a place to stay and sleep with our children when we finish our drive. We searched for another property. They had nothing that was beachfront at all! She finds a duplex that is canal front.

I am then told this is all they have to offer. I can take it or wait 7-10 days for a refund? I am now crossing the Florida line with my family? We cannot wait 7-10 days for a refund we are almost there.

We had our money to travel eat and be there not money to pay rent for a whole stay somewhere else. I felt like I was forced to take this rental I had no other choice. This one was more than a 1 mile walk to town square. Also there is construction on the island and the road this duplex is on is where the barriers were set up.

We had to pass the street and go down 2 miles past the construction and come back in the northbound lane to get to our street. Vacation Rental Pros should have been aware of that. It was a nightmare to try to go anywhere off that street in a car. We ended up walking 2-8 miles a day because of the location of this property.

I now need time to relax from this. As a mother I needed a place for my family to be we were already so far from home. So Betsy sets us up to be in this property. We arrive at this property on Saturday 3/24/2017 around 7pm.

The codes we were given will not open the doors? I try to call the company it is after hours. I had to wait for maintenance to call me back. They were they able to give me a code to open the door.

They then also inform me the property owner is who resides in the other half of the duplex. Which to me meant no privacy for our vacation. (He was okay while we were there) However, that is not the point we had no privacy sitting by the canal. We had a shared carport as a porch.

Then we enter the property to find that it only has two beds. There were 5 of us and only two beds? How was this okay? So one member slept there whole vacation on the living room floor.

This was not okay at all. Betsy offered to refund me 505.18 for all of the trouble we had. Well then the next day I had to call because the WiFi was not working correctly and the hot water heater was for a small apartment so only two could shower within a few hours. Then on my fourth day there I called them back and they informed me they did another refund for 900.00 dollars and they were doing another one for 110 right then and I would have my money back.

Okay so we went through the vacation of *** and got our money back. Some people would be happy however, that was my only vacation I get it took me 4 years to get that and they took it away from me. I feel like I should have got my money back and some additional. I spent several days of my vacation on the phone with them.

I will be calling them back now that I am home on my time. This is not right! You stole our vacation and you feel like its okay because you gave us what we paid back! NO IT IS NOT ALRIGHT!

Please fix this I will be waiting to hear from you guys Then on April 24th a month after being home. The vacation place took an additional 800.00 out of my account. I have been fighting them and the bank to try to get this back. I will not have an answer from the MasterCard people until June 14th.

They said it would take 45 days for them to have an answer! I am pissed I want my money back. So I will keep you updated. Vacation Rental Pros Sucks!

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bank and MasterCard helped me get my money. My bank did an investigation and found that the money should not have been taken back out of my account.

These people are not trustworthy I would not EVER trust them with bank account, credit card information, or one of my vacations ever again!!!!! NO ONE ELSE SHOULD EITHER!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vacation Rental Pros House Rental.

Reason of review: So many issues they are all in my review.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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